Kim Young-Man of South Korea and Aung Zaw Zaw of Myanmar challenged for the ball in the sepak takraw men's double final, which was won by Myanmar ©Getty ImagesLondon 2012 Olympic champion Xuerui Li of China won team gold for her country in the women's badminton singles ©Getty ImagesA battle for the ball in the handball, as China's Song Pengqiang (left) fought for it with Qatar's Borja Vidal in their preliminary round match ©AFP/Getty Images

Japan's track cycling team competed in the first round of the women's team pursuit ©AFP/Getty Images
Uneven bars qualification for Siyi Chen of China ©Getty Images

India celebrated after winning their hockey women's Pool B match against Thailand ©Getty Images

Selfie time for China's gold medal-winning synchronised swimming team ©AFP/Getty Images

Japan's Yuki Ota (left) duelled with South Korea's Jun Heo in the men's foil individual fencing semi-finals ©AFP/Getty Images

Tsukasa Kohmatsu of Japan delivered a pitch in the fourth inning against China in their preliminary group match ©Getty Images