By Paul Osborne and Duncan Mackay at Hampden Park in Glasgow
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The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo ©Getty Images

22:55 But, before we do, what better way to end our Closing Ceremony live blog than with a word from the Commonwealth Games Federation itself. Here is it's thought on the Closing Ceremony.

Twitter logoCommonwealth Games ‏@thecgf
What an emotional Closing Ceremony. @Glasgow2014 you have been the perfect host, thank you for all the hard work! "Best games EVER"

We'll be back tomorrow at the usual time of 09:00 to bring you all the reaction and round-up from tonight and the entire Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

We will see you then. Goodnight. 

Fans, athletes and media alike are led from the Stadium by "The Black Bear" and "This is Scotland the Brave".

If I'm not mistaken, that is our cue to leave.

22:45 Maclean joins the piper, followed by the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and finally, the fireworks! 

I think that spells the end of the show.

And now come the fireworks ©Getty Images

22:41 A lone piper begins the Glasgow 2014 favourite "Auld Lang Syne" from the Stadium roof. 

How he got up there I don't know. How he's going to get down is an even bigger mystery. 

22:38 Next up to close the show is Dougie Maclean with "Caledonia", one of the all-time favourites of insidethegames' editor Duncan Mackay. 

"Ah but let me tell you that I love you,
and I think about you all the time,
Caledonia, you're calling me, and now I'm going home".

The song was written was on a beach in France when Maclean was missing Scotland. 

Grenada's 400m gold medallist Kirani James is up next. "You can come back again big man," Clarke says.

Kylie is finished now and Des Clarke has started talking to some of the athletes, starting with English diver Tom Daley, who last night retained his 10m platform title.

 The Gold Coast Bulletin is reporting that a number of Australian athletes had to be escorted off stage after trying to join Kylie as she sung the "Locomotion".

It's always worth a try guys...

22:25 However much the Glasgow public are enjoying the Closing Ceremony, for at least one fan the Commonwealth Games will always have bitter-sweet memories after he messed up a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a "selfie" with Usain Bolt last night...

Usain Bolt selfie ©Twitter

22:20 We have a dance called "The Slosh" now being performed by the volunteers as Kylie sings "The Locomotion".

Not one I've heard of before if I'm honest. And, by the looks of things, you'd need to be a little "sloshed" to do it...

Twitter logoSteph McGovern ‏@stephbreakfast  
I think my TV is broken, I seem to be watching High School Musical. #closingceremony
- BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern is not impressed with what she's seen so far.

22:10 A bit of a longer set here for Kylie than we saw from Susan Boyle at the Opening Ceremony. "Into The Blue" is followed by "Love at First Sight" and "All the Lovers".

Still more to come, I'm sure.

22:05 And it's time for Kylie!! Dressed almost as bizarrely as the cast of "Palpatations at the half-time show of the netball, she gets the crowd going with top hit "Spinning Around".

A personal favourite of reporter Gary Anderson I'm sure...

Kylie Minogue takes to the stage ©Getty Images

22:03 A quick nudge by my editor brings to my attention the introduction of Hamish, the Scottie dog that led out Team Scotland at the Opening Ceremony.

He's been waiting for this moment...

22:00 The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, vice-patron of the Commonwealth Games Federation, makes his speech now to declare Glasgow 2014 officially closed.  

"Every  four years, the Games bring the spirit of the Commonwealth alive. We share our common values and our common wealth. So I call everybody to come together in four years time, in Gold Coast in Australia, to celebrate the 21st Commonwealth Games."

"Until then, on behalf of the CGF, I declare Glasgow 2014, the 20th Commonwealth Games, closed."

21:57 Some of Sally's team mates now join her on stage as Mauboy performs "I Believe - Anything is Possible" a musical invitation for the world to attend Gold Coast 2018.

Jessica Mauboy on stage at the Glasgow 2014 Closing Ceremony ©Getty Images

21:55 Next up is the 100m hurdles champion Sally Pearson.

"Gold Coast 2018 is where I live and train. It has a spectacular backdrop and everyone will enjoy our hospitality. We invite you all to come on down."

A great athlete she certainly is but she sounds like she'd be okay working for a tourist board as well.

Twitter logoGraham Mann ‏@GrahamRMann
I wonder if Australia will be charging us £8 for pie and mash. @Glasgow2014 @GoldCoast2018_ #closingceremony #Glasgow2014
 - Someone is obviously upset with how much they paid during Glasgow 2014.

21:51 Scotland certainly hasn't shied away from national stereotypes during these Games, with kilts, whisky, bagpipes and haggis four central components thoroughout. Only a glance at the merchandise they are selling is enough to tell you that. But it looks like Gold Coast will be more of the same, as a surfing video begins proceedings...

21:46 Jessica Mauboy, one of Australia's most successful female artists, now introduces the city of Gold Coast, before passing over to world champion surfer Mike Fanning who talks about his inspiration - the Gold Coast's beaches, the surf and the beach culture. 

Never heard of Mauboy? Where have you been the past eight years!!

In 2006, Mauboy was the runner-up on the fourth season of Australian Idol. In April 2013, she was ranked at number 16 on Herald Sun's list of the "100 Greatest Australian Singers of All Time". Kylie Minogue was ranked 52nd on that list, by the way.

Just for those of you who didn't know.

21:46 Does that "anything" include kangaroos on bicycles though? That is what insidethegames Olympic and Commonwealth Games historian, Philip Barker, is wondering...

21:44 "Glasgow, you have set the bar very high with such an inspiring celebration of sport and culture," says Stuckey, before emphasising how Gold Coast - a young city defined by cultural diversity - will seek to emulate this.

But Gold Coast will prove that "anything is possible". She declares.

21:40 The Gold Coast segment has begun with Queensland Minister for the Commonwealth Games, Jann Stuckey, declaring Glasgow 2014 "the best Games ever".

21:35 After being lowered by two members of the triforce military party, the Commonwealth Games flag is now being crowdsurfed to the stage over the heads of the athletes accompanied by the emotional and heartfelt tune of "Ae Fond Kiss" by Karen Mattheson.

Nick Butler"Two very interesting speeches there by Lord Smith and Prince Imran. First of all, it was great to see that the only thing the CGF President had trouble with tonight was making himself heard above the amazing din reveerbrating around Hampden Park, and he certainly had no need, or desire, to have to unscrew anything this time around. I do feel you could fairly accurately predict what each is going to say beforehand - thanking the athletes, supporters, backers and volunteers - with only the order up for prediction. And then Prince Imran goes one step further by declaring it the best Games ever, before finishing with a typically playful joke on the Scottish language. He's played a very low key role at these Games in comparison with the one his IOC counterpart Thomas Bach played at Sochi 2014, but the Malaysian Prince has left his mark nonetheless.

"Prince Imran is well known in Olympic circles for his fondness for impromptu karaoke performances, and he used all that nous to work the crowd perfectly tonight. Hampden Park was lapping it up"

- Reporter Nick Butler on the two speeches

21:32 "Scotland and Glasgow you really have delivered, in every aspect, the best games ever!" continues Prince Imran.

And to finish his speech, in his best Scottish accent, Prince Imran adds: "Glasgow, Glasgow. You were pure, dead, brilliant!"

The crowd are loving it here. First his baton blunder and now his brilliantly bad Scottish accent, the Malaysian is a real hit in Scotland.

21:28 Prince Imran is now in full flow, declaring Glasgow 2014 as the "People's Games." He praises Clydesiders and then athletes for their "inspiring performances".

"To Team Scotland, I say, a job truly well done. Your record medal haul has done your country proud."

21:25 Prince Imran, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, now gets set to present the David Dixon Award. (Read 21:00 for more on that award)

"And the winner is Frankie Jones!" 

Frankie is, of course, a Team Wales gymnast who was part of the team that won silver here in Glasgow before securing four addition silvers and gold in women's ribbon event.

Philip Barker"Rhythmic gymnast Frankie Jones of Wales has been chosen for the David Dixon award to mark the outstanding performance at the Glasgow 2014 Games.

"She is the first from Wales and the first European athlete to win the award since it was introduced in 2002 to honour the late honorary Secretary of the Commonwealth Games Federation David Dixon.

"'She has also been an excellent role model for her peers, proving that a healthy lifestyle  is important and achievable in a sport where  body shape and image tend to dominate.' Said CGF President  HRH Tunku Imran as he explained why Jones had been chosen.

"He paid tribute to her "quiet inspirational character"

"'The team has reported to us how inspirational her performances have been to young children who would love to follow in her footsteps' he said.Jones who crowned her career with a gold medal , is the first gymnast to be so honoured."

Prince Imran present Frankie Jones with the David Dixon Award ©Getty Images

21:18 Glasgow 2014 chairman, Lord Smith of Kelvin makes his way to the star-shape stage now following a rousing performance of "Wi' a Hundred Pipers" and "The Bloody Field of Flanders" by a 220-strong delegation from The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

"Thank you Glasgow and thank you Scotland," he says. "You have done us proud."

"The Games is a sporting competition and we have witness athletes giving their hall, exhibiting courage determination and triumph," he continues. "Let's hear it for the athletes."

He continues by praising the Clydesiders and volunteers. 

"We asked you to bring it on, and you delivered, he adds to thunderous applause, before highlighting a legacy for Scotland that "can be seen all around us."

"On behalf of Glasgow 2014, I would like to wish Gold Coast every hope of success. Our dreams and ambitions are now yours. Good luck from Glasgow!"

"Tonight the Games leave Glasgow, but Glasgow will never forget the Commonwealth Games."

"Already, it is a proud part of our history. History that belongs to Glasgow."

Twitter logoNo closing ceremony is compete without a Glasgow municipal dustcart
- Harry Smith ‏Westminster correspondent for STV.

21:13 As Prides enter the stage to excite the crowd, we've taken to a game of spot the politician. So far we've found Prime Minister David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.

I bet they're sat a fair distance from a certain Mr Salmond who is more than likely mixing with royalty up in the "posh bit".

Nick Butler"A festival vibe here at this football-turned athletics-turned ceremonial theatre that is Hampden Park. I'm not sure what the average Scottish football fan would make of Lula singing before an international but it certainly went down a storm here. And amazingly, even the weather is holding off so far."
- Reporter Nick Butler is enjoying the atmosphere, and weather, here at Hampden. At least he brought his coat this time, just in case.

21:06 A touch of blue now. Deacon Blue that is... Their opener "Dignity" is met by the appearance of the emergency services.

Let's hope there are no accidents this evening..

21:04 This Closing Ceremony was aptly named 'Back To Ours' by director David Zolkwer as he looked to create a party-like atmosphere both in Hampden Park and back home.

It's certainly working here in Hampden.

21:02 Back to the show and what better way to start than with them Quare lungs of Lulu? You're definitely right on this one Gary, that girl can sing!

She's joined in celebration by the hundreds of athletes who had hidden within the mystery tents... SURPRISE!

Flagbearer update 

Gold medallist Geraint Thomas will be Wales' flag bearer for the closing ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Thomas secured gold with victory in a gruelling men's road race having won bronze in the men's time trial. The 28-year-old also won bronze on the track at Melbourne 2006.

"Darren [Tudor] our coach told me this morning just before the start that Wales wanted me to carry the flag," he said.

Team Wales chef de mission Brian Davies said: "Geraint is an influential figure in the sporting world.

"Geraint, along with his team, has put Welsh cycling on the map. He continues to be a superb role model for aspiring athletes. There is no doubt that these Games have been a success, and this is down to athletes like Geraint for their passion, determination and drive."

21:00 Three, two, one... And we're off!! Welcome to the Glasgow 2014 Closing Ceremony!!

Philip Barker"Glasgow 2014  has added its own unique golden touch to an important part of the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. The David Dixon award has been presented to the outstanding competitor in the Games since 2002 but this year, the trophy has been adorned with the Glasgow 2014 insignia in six grams of Scottish gold .It came  from the Kildonan Burn near Helmsdale in Sutherland, the site of the first Scottish gold rush.

"'The fact that this trophy will now carry a little bit of Scotland to all future Games will serve as a wonderful reminder of Glasgow 2014 and Scotland's contribution to the Commonwealth Games movement,' said Louise Martin who succeeded David Dixon as secretary of the CGF. . His 17 year tenure had  followed another legendary administrator Sandy Duncan. Dixon died aged 73 in 1999 and when Chairman Michael Fennell announced the creation of the award, he described him as a man "who made a monumental contribution to Commonwealth sport for many years.'

"The recipient of the award itself is chosen by representatives of each Geographical region of the Commonwealth. It is to recognise 'the athlete who has competed with distinction and honour in terms of athletic performance and overall contribution to his or her team.'

"The first winner was South African Swimmer Natalie Du Toit who competed both Para sport and able bodied swimming  at the 2002 Games in Manchester, little more than a year after a terrible motor scooter accident in which she lost a leg.

"She is a truly remarkable individual who deserves our full admiration' said Fennell as he presented the first award.

"The Indian shooter Samresh Jung  was honoured at the Melbourne 2006 Games. He had   established "new benchmarks for his sport.'

"Physiotherapy is the day job for Jamaican triple jumper Trecia Smith who  retained her title at the Delhi 2010 Games. After she had finished her competition.  she helped out with the medical staff at team headquarters .

"'Her selflessness and commitment to her team make her a great role model.' said the official citation."

"The award is named after David Dixon, who was honorary secretary of the Commonwealth Games Federatin for 17 years."

Jamaica's Trecia Smith receiving David Dixon award from then CGF President Mike Fennell at Delhi 2010 ©Getty Images

More on the Flagbearers

20:49 Weightlifter Richie Patterson will be New Zealand's flag bearer. The Aucklander had won a gold medal in the 85kg event.

New Zealand's Chef de Mission Rob Waddell said Patterson was selected not only for his success at Glasgow but his commitment to performance and contribution to the wider team.

"Richie knew he wanted to win gold and become part of New Zealand history" he said. "He came fourth at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in 2006, then finished with silver at Delhi 2010. He was not deterred and in the end achieved his dream of standing on top of the dais. While focusing on his own performance, he also helped coach younger members of the weightlifting team in Glasgow."

Patterson married business and training partner, and fellow Commonwealth Games athlete Phillipa Hale at a ceremony in Glasgow last Thursday, just two days after winning gold.

Richie Patterson will be New Zealand's Flasgbearer for this evening's Closing Ceremony ©Facebook

20:45 Bring back the rain and I'll feel like I'm back at Glastonbury 2011 here at Hampden. Either they've got something big planned or they're planning for a downpour... Let's just hope its the former.

The Closing Ceremony is about get underway here at Hampden Park ©ITG

20:40 For those of you who haven't already heard, we've got a star-studded line up awaiting us in this Closing Ceremony. Not only are Scottish pop band Deacon Blue and singer Lulu due to make an appearance, but also international icon Kylie Minogue. 

Luckily for the Aussie superstar, the rain has continued to stay at bay here in Glasgow. For now that is anyway...

Gary Anderson"That Lulu has a quare set of lungs on her"
- Reporter Gary Anderson is impressed by the vocal abilities of the Scottish songstress as she warms up the vocal chords

20:36 As we continue to wait for the Closing Ceremony, why not vote on your favourite moment from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on our insidethegames online poll?

More on the Flagbearers

20:34 Another hockey player to be given the honour of carrying their country's flag in the Closing Ceremony is Australia's Mark Knowles, who earlier today captained the Kookaburras to their fifth consecutive Commonwealth Games gold medal.

Knowles has played in three of those five victories.

He had missed the Opening Ceremony because of a foot problem but has been persuaded to take part tonight. "I am hugely honoured," he said. "It's great recognition of what we have been able to achieve as a team but also myself over the last three Commonwealth Games. This is the perfect end to a Games campaign."

20:31 Thirty minutes can be a long time in anybody's day. One perfect way to make the time fly by (other than tuning in with me now, of course) is to take a read of all the sporting action from earlier today. 

All you have to do is click here, and read away....

20:28 There have been more pictures flying around Twitter as we await the start of this Closing Ceremony. Just 30 minutes to go now....

Team Wales' Katie Morgan and Becky James joining in with the Closing Ceremony selfie craze ©TwitterTeam England's marathon team are joined by diver Tom Daley ahead of the Closing Ceremony ©Twitter

Flagbearer news

20:25 England's flag bearer will be women's hockey captain Kate Richardson-Walsh. The 34-year-old, whose team narrowly missed out on a gold medal last night, when they lost to Australia on penalties has returned from four successive Commonwealths with a medal.

She was selected for the role in a vote by her fellow competitors. "It is such an honour, I think particularly because the whole of team England has performed so well," she said. "It just adds that extra bit of pride to be carrying the flag at the Closing Ceremony. I am just so excited. I am just hoping I don't trip over, to be honest."

Kate Richardson-Walsh will be flying the flag for England at the Closing Ceremony ©Getty Images

20:18 Now it wouldn't be right to start a Closing Ceremony blog without word from our famous Olympic and Commonwealth Games historian Philip Barker, here's a little background on the last time a closing day of action was plagued, or not, by the rain.

Philip Barker"Rain on the final day here in Glasgow has certainly not dampened anyone's spirits, although it made life distinctly unpleasant for the road racers and the Hockey players  looked  cold and uncomfortable as they received their medals from Sophie, Countess of Wessex who also caught the full brunt of a prolonged shower.

"In Manchester at the 2002 Games, the bad weather  set in at the closing ceremony.The rain was relatively light to begin with and just as well as a children 's choir used  large quantities of  paint for an imaginative depiction of the British flag and a portrait of The Queen.

"As the athletes came in, the downpour became heavier. Many teams wore waterproof ponchos above their uniforms and some even carried umbrellas.

"Commonwealth Games Chairman Michael Fennell held an umbrella for The Queen  as she spoke the traditional words to close the Games.When the time came for the Her Majesty and Duke of Edinburgh to leave they had changed into raincoats. At previous Games the royal party have traditionally departed in an open topped vehicle . In Manchester this proved impossible because of the weather and they left in a limousine with a glass roof as the crowd sang Elgar's Land of Hope and Glory."

The Queen at Manchester 2002 with then CGF President Mike Fennell ©Getty Images

20:10 Twitter has already gone mad in the build up to this Closing Ceremony with celebrities, athletes, and celebrity athletes alike, posting their own selfies as they get into the Glasgow party spirit. Here's one of our favourites....

Team Scotland's Katie Armitage, Sian Harkin and Joe Welstead inside a Closing Ceremony tent ©Instagram

20:06 Lucky for you, we're here to keep you entertained between now and the start of the show at 21:00. 

No, no... No need to thank me guys...

20:02 It's already a party atmosphere here at Hampden Park as the crowd continue to gather. The rain has passed, hopefully for the evening, the athletes, are here and the bands are warming up. 

Now all there is to do is wait... 

20:00 Hello and welcome back to the insidethegames live blog where we'll be bringing you all the action from the Glasgow 2014 Closing Ceremony direct from Hampden Park!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!