By James Crook

gwangju3May 18 - University students from all over South Korea are leading the line in promoting the 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju, organising events and activities to build momentum with just over two years to go until the Games begin.

The "Uni-friends" group serve as honorary ambassadors for Gwangju 2015, and since they formed in 2011, they have contributed with on-site visits to various sports competitions, local festivals, exhibitions, and other events to promote and advertise the Games to the public.

The group currently have around 500 members and Gwangju 2015 hope to recruit 50 students from 300 universities to add another 15,000 volunteers before the Universiade begins.

There is also a supporters group known as "Uni-birds" who were formed last year by GUOC 2015 and local university student councils, who are responsible for building strong relationships with universities and for activities such as encouraging people to sign up to volunteer for the Universiade.

gwangju4The "Uni-birds" group have been supporting the promotion of the Universiade 

The group is made up of members from the Gwangju and South Jeolla province, but Gwangju 2015 also hope to expand the group nationwide and eventually have a network of 150,000 students.

Gwangju 2015 have also recruited a team of "global reporters", who regularly update the event's blog with the latest news and photographs, amassing nearly 300,000 hits.

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