By James Crook

gwangju2015April 21 - Gwangju 2015 have kicked off their customised training programme for volunteers at universities, institutions, and organisations for the Universiade.

Last week, Gwangju 2015 visited Chosun University to conduct their first on-site training was carried out to around 200 students from six of the foreign language departments at the college, including English and general interpretation.

The basic training includes an insight into the Gwangju 2015 Summer Universiade and its preparations, as well as volunteer duties, and other basic information that is essential for volunteers.

"Volunteer education takes place at the volunteer centres in each district every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as the fourth Saturday of each month." said a spokesman for Gwangju 2015.

"For those who are unable to attend the education sessions at the designated volunteer centres, we are carrying out on-the-spot training for students and organisations.

"We will try our utmost to provide the needed training for all volunteers to acquire the ability and qualification required for the successful operation of the Universiade."

The customised training is available to specialised departments at universities, organisations and institutions of over 20 people by request to the GUOC, when a professional instructor will carry-out a two-level training programme.

Students who complete the two-level program will go through additional basic and advanced duty education, online training, and field training to take part in people-to-people diplomatic activities as volunteers specialising in interpretation.

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