By Duncan Mackay

Incheon 2014 twitter pageApril 10 - South Korean officials have launched official Facebook and Twitter pages in English to help promote the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon. 

They hope to capitalise on the rise of social media around the world. 

Facebook has a billion users while Twitter has 500 million. 

Incheon 2014 also hope to launch an English flickr account and blog later this year, as well as expanding on the English content on its YouTube channel. 

Incheon 2014 facebook pageIncheon 2014 hope the massive global reach of Facebook will help it promote the Asian Games - with a little help from mascots "Barame", "Chumuro" and "Vichuon"

The Games, which is due to take place next year between September 19 and October 4, is expected to feature nearly 10,000 athletes from 45 countries competing in 437 events across 36 sports. 

The Games' mascots, three seals known as "Barame", "Chumuro" and "Vichuon", which means wind, dance and light, are expected to feature prominently in the promotion of the Games over the next 18 months. 

To connect to the Incheon 2014 Facebook page click here or for Twitter here

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