By Sara Evans 

Spain v Czech Republic final November 16 2012November 19 - The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has announced that NH Hoteles has extended its sponsorship of the Davis Cup to 2015, an additional three years.

The agreement was signed during the 2012 Davis Cup final in Prague at the recently opened NH Prague hotel.

Czech Republic won the final after defeating Spain 3-2 in the 100th Davis Cup Final at the O2 Arena.

At the signing, ITF President Francesco Ricci Bitti said: "We are delighted that NH Hoteles is extending its sponsorship of Davis Cup by BNP Paribas for a further three years.

"NH Hoteles has been a loyal and hardworking partner of Davis Cup, and we believe that the competition is a perfect fit for a company that has enjoyed strong international growth since joining the Davis Cup family."
NH Hoteles Davis Cup Nov 18ITF President Franceso Ricci Bitti (right) and chairman of NH Hoteles Mariano Pérez Claver at the signing of the new Davis Cup sponsorship agreement 

NH Hoteles joined the Davis Cup family as an international sponsor in 2004.

Mariano Pérez Claver, the chairman of NH Hoteles, said: "The international profile of this unique competition makes NH Hoteles' participation as a global sponsor of Davis Cup for almost nine years a vital tool for supporting the company's recent expansion, and communicating the NH Hoteles' brand through a single message to millions of spectators in more than 170 countries."

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